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Campaign Launches By Ministry Of Labour For Tracking Illegal Workers During The Hajj Season

Submitted by • August 2, 2018

The Ministry of labour and Social improvement has launched an in depth campaign and operation to make certain that not any unlawful employees are employed in both the cities Makkah and Madina for the duration of the Hajj season 2018 ...

Some Golden Advice For Umrah Pilgrims

Submitted by • June 30, 2018

If you are soon planning to attend the Umrah practice, then there are specific essential guidelines which you need to keep in mind. So for the beginner Umrah pilgrims, here we are sharing on with some important and golden advice ...

Important News For Pilgrims

Submitted by • June 19, 2018

Authorities have seized greater than 182,000 expired and counterfeit food and purchaser items from Makkah, Madinah, Muzdalifah, Mina and Arafat for the duration of the Hajj season.

Facts About Holy Ramadan

Submitted by • May 29, 2018

Ramadan is the 9th Islamic Holy Month of religion Islam in which Muslims living any corner of the world observe fast from Fajr to Maghrib. During fast Muslims do not consume or drink and also abstain from unnecessary talk and ...


Submitted by • April 13, 2018

JEDDAH: The ultimate rite of the Makkah Cultural forum turned into held on April 5 at King Abdullah sports city and underneath the patronage of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, governor of Makkah, who attended the event. The subject matter was “a way ...

Umrah Visa Services UK

Submitted by • February 12, 2018

If you are Muslim then you must be willing to perform Umrah, a sacred to Makkah which can be undertake easily at any time or in month of the whole year and it is an also known as minor pilgrimage ...

Spiritual Excellence In Worship

Submitted by • February 12, 2018

Spiritual excellence can be attained by adopting the highest level of righteousness, virtuousness and belief in life and Muslims can easily attain it by following the teachings of religion Islam.

Blessings Of Holy Ramadan

Blessings Of Holy Ramadan

Submitted by • February 9, 2018 - Ramadan is the 9th Holy month in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the blessed month in which every able Muslims fast for the whole month starting from fajr (dawn) till maghrib (dusk), as it is obligatory upon every Muslim. 

Rules And Etiquettes Of Speech In Islam

Rules And Etiquettes Of Speech In Islam

Submitted by • January 13, 2018 - On contrary to the common misconceptions and notions about religion of peace Islam because of that people believe that It is a tedious religion, strict religious rituals and obligations, Islam in actual is a complete code of life and addresses matter regarding ...

Few Facts About Zamzam Water

Few Facts About Zamzam Water

Submitted by • January 13, 2018 - Zamzam is the name of the water well that provides the water to billions of people, have thirstily drunk from all through history, especially during the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.